Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Family's Mission Statement

This summer, my husband and I wrote a mission statement. It's right there - see?

I guess I thought if we framed it, we'd HAVE to abide by what it says.

Who am I kidding...Writing a mission statement for my family was a great excuse to make yet another list.

And I practically begged Joey to design the thing so I could put it in a fancy frame and take to heart the words we had agreed upon.

Guess what? I'm happy to report that it is actually making a difference.

For example, if Joey and I miscommunicate or Grayson's acting like a bobcat (a phrase loaned by my sister), I remember lines three and four. Perhaps those are insignificant examples, but those little instances can throw really a kink in things at times.

When circumstances seem unclear or I'm feeling a bit frustrated, the words creep back in my head to help me stay my course. No, I'm not perfect and some days I just want to forget I ever wrote it.

But there it is.

And at the very least, I feel as though Joey and I are working toward DEFINED goals together - in a way that is meaningful to us as a team.

Thought For the Day: I once heard that one's chance of achieving a goal is 25% greater JUST by writing it down. What is your mission this year? How about this month? Getting focused enough to identify on paper what you do and DON'T want is important. It is really helping me and my family see the bigger picture.

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