Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Am Woman. Hear Me Yawn.

Perhaps men can spin as many plates as women, but…

women can do it standing on one leg while rocking the baby with the other.

All while applying lipstick.

With our cleavage.

Okay, so maybe most of us aren’t as talented as Molly Ringwald was in the Breakfast Club.

But we DO make spinning all those plates look easy, don't we?

I'm a multi-tasker. Most women are. It is not my intention to portray men as being incapable. I just believe it's in their nature to focus on one thing at a time (perhaps I could learn something from this). See below for an example I MAY or may not be familiar with...

Woman: Did you feed the dogs?

Man: I fed little Timmy.

Woman: But the dogs haven't eaten today. They need to eat too.

Man: Well, I was feeding little Timmy.

Woman: Okay, well I'll feed them now.

Let's reverse the scenario.

Woman: Honey, dinner is ready! I'm in the middle of feeding little Timmy and the dogs were fed 10 minutes ago. I even had time to bake some scrumptious brownies for dessert. I hope you like them, as I made them from scratch.

Man: I love brownies! Thanks, milady!

This is the way I see it...If a man is the CEO of a family, then a woman is the accountant,

the cook,

the childcare provider,

the event planner,

among other things.

I truly don't mean to put men down. Men are AMAZING at a myriad of things that women are not. Like keeping their emotions out of decisions for one thing. Today, I just want to showcase women and our art of keeping things going no matter what.

And not to sound boastful, but I do have a loving husband who actually takes the bull by the horns when it comes to house cleaning, car repairs and helping with my son, Grayson.

Preparing his own lunches is another story.

Thought For the Day: Try to be more present. No more knee driving while using the telephone in one hand and eating a burrito in the other.

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