Monday, September 27, 2010

Magic Carpet Ride of Our Life

Guess who needs new carpet?
Guess who's calling someone to visit my house and test for mold?

If you guessed me, you're correct.

Last week, I noticed a wet spot in the carpet of Grayson's room. Hmmmm? Maybe G spilled milk in here, I thought to myself. To make a long story short, the wet spot started spreading.

Joey put two and two together and checked the air conditioner to see if it was leaking condensation. Sure enough. Had mold set in? In our son's room no less??

You can imagine my stress levels rising as he declared we must rip up the carpet,

and move EVERYTHING out of Grayson's room to the playroom,

and move EVERYTHING in the playroom to the garage and attic.

Being the extremely flexible wife that I am (what? is the sarcasm too thick?), I rolled up the sleeves of my two-day old Boston Red Sox shirt and began to lift, push, and pull out my hair.

After disassembling the crib and putting it back together in the other room, we managed to feel a little better. Until we realized the water leak had also effected that room as well.

Round two of cutting up carpet.

So, Grayson's sleeping in a pak-n-play in our room tonight.

This is quite a precarious scenario. Grayson hasn't slept in the pak-n-play OR in our room since he was one month old.

I am so very anxious for a professional to assess the mold damage (if any) so that we can move forward with fixing the problem and get back to life as we know it.

I'll keep you posted.

Thought For the Day: When life hands you lemons, take them back to the grocery store because you didn't buy lemons. In fact, you're not sure how they made it home in your bags. Nice try, Life. But I don't want your bitter lemons.

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