Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Good Neigh-Bear

I bet YOUR insurance agent doesn't have a bear this big.

I was looking through the pictures on my phone tonight and had forgotten I'd captured this one from last week.

When we walked in Mr. Agent's office, Grayson's eyes lit up while I started perspiring (as I knew what was to come).

My 19 month-old immediately scurried over behind the desk.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to sign papers and maintain control of the situation with a cool, breezy smile.

Luckily, Mr. Agent had to retrieve a fax, so he was not present to witness my son (gulp) enthusiastically bounce up and down in between the bear's legs.

The bear was not amused.

I bet he wished he were already hibernating with the rest of his bear family.

Fortunately, Mr. Agent was kind enough to gift Grayson his own Good Neigh-Bear, which he seems to like.

Thought For the Day: Sometimes it's okay to laugh at the not-so-cool moments in life. It's better than crying, right??

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Lindsay Erin said...

He's getting so big! Great story! Glad he got his own bear :)