Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From the Archive

I found this recently and smiled.

It's a (page from?) a bizarre story I wrote in the second or third grade.

I'll translate. You know - just in case all the jibberish is too hard to decipher.

At recess, I went and played with Kally, my BEST friend. We played hopscotch and we both had our own rock to throw.

Uh-oh! Here comes the school bully, Derek. But I'm not afraid of him!

"Ha! Two little third graders - Kally and Tari." (Derek said)

"So it is," Kally said.

He stared at us.

Finally, I said, "Do you have a staring problem?!"

"Yeah, you," he said.

"Take that back or you'll be sorry!" I yelled.

"Oh?" he yelled. "How?"

Kally walked over there with me.

We bent him down, held him by the collar and honked his nose so hard he screamed.

Wow. And in case you can't tell, the girls are throwing the hopscotch rock in the illustration.

Derek was obviously SOME bully, as he had holes in his shorts and frayed hemlines.

Thought For the Day: Keep your old illustrations, keepsakes and cards laying nearby and glance at them once in awhile. Reflecting on the "old days" will remind you of the simpler times in your life.

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