Thursday, September 23, 2010

9 Reasons I Like Joey

Of course, I LOVE my husband, too. In fact, I'm still very much IN love with him. But you also have to like the one you're with. So, Joey Dan Garrett, this one's for you.

9 Reasons I Like Joey:

#1. He was the only guy who failed to take seriously the Mr. Choctaw Pageant in high school. Can you pick him out from the crowd?? No, that's not a rodeo clown or the MC. That's Joey. May I disclose that his "talent" involved the song "I'm Too Sexy"?

#2. He had a wicked cool Smurf big-wheel growing up.

#3. He can do an alarmingly accurate representation of the Lollipop Guild (aside from the fact I had to tell him they weren't called the Lollipop "Kids").

#4. He didn't let his chronic asthma hold him back when it came to sports. He played goalie instead.

#5. He included a homeless man in his proposal to me. (That's a different but wonderful story).

#6. He loves chocolate chip cookies. When taking this picture, I wasn't aware he was doing this.

#7. He is GREAT under pressure.

#8. He knows how to catch big fish.

#9. He cried at our wedding. Don't worry - these were happy tears. Not tears of dread.

Joey, if you're reading this (and I hope you are because you should support my blogging endeavors and it took me, like, 45 minutes to post this when I could have used that time to iron and/or watch something on TV for once today), I love you SO much more than you love chocolate chip cookies.

Thought For the Day: Since we can't hit the "like" button in real life, be sure to tell the ones whom you love all the things you like about 'em. Yourself included.


Crystal Payne said... sweet! I think I like him too!!! You guys crack me up and I am dying to hear the proposal story! SO keep those blogging fingers typing!


Grandma Helga said...

you know why else i like joey...because he likes the St. Louis Cardinals...oh yeah and he brings logs for me to store in my room lol(if you werent there you may never know)

love MO