Sunday, August 29, 2010

Twenty-Eight (almost) FREE Things To Do

Cheers to pinching pennies...or none at all.

~Check out a book at the library
~Check out movies at the library for you and your kids
~Go to a bookstore and read magazines
~Feed ducks at your nearest lake or pond
~Go to the beach (if you live near one)
~Play a board game
~Take a walk with your family or pets
~Bake for you or someone you know
~Write a letter…with a pen! Then mail it.
~Send someone a long overdue email
~Makeover your budget
~Balance your checkbook (come on. you know you need to.)
~Organize your closet, drawers, home office or computer files
~Invite a friend over for a tasty drink
~Visit a nursing home and ask to meet a few residents (they will love this!)
~Start a blog
~Paint your nails and toes (yes, this counts as something to do)
~Clean out your garage
~Clean out your car
~Wash your car in your driveway
~Start a book club
~Look online for your city’s events calendar, where they list free activities
~Have a picnic
~Play at the park
~Drive to old or forgotten locations from your past (i.e. a trip down memory lane)
~Go fishing (assuming you already have your fishing license and permit)

Do you have other ideas to add to the list? Do tell!

Thought For the Day: How much money do you spend each month on entertainment? Remember, fun can be inexpensive or, better yet, free.

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