Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Dog Is Bigger Than Yours…Probably

Meet Penny Lane. She has a twin sister named Lucille Eleanor (better known as Lucy). They are black labs with a mix of Great Dane.

Did I mention my precious Penny Lane weighs 123 lbs?

Now is when I invite you to take off the white wig and stop judging me for allowing this to happen. I mean, she IS part Great Dane thus making her a bigger breed.

About a week ago, I noticed Penny Lane’s back paws were red and irritated. “It looks like she has hot feet or something. They’re all red and swollen,” I told my sister during one of our daily phone calls.

“Maybe she should stop walking on broken glass,” she replied, which spurred more than a few chuckles. “Tell Annic Lennox I hope her paws feel better.”

Hi ho, hi ho. Off to the vet I go.

To say Penny Lane was a little dubious about getting in the car would be an understatement. As you can see from the pictures, once we finally got to the vet, her incessant panting and refreshing whiffs of hot dog breath felt just wonderful as we waited…and waited…and waited to be seen.

PL didn’t much care for waiting. She tried to minimize her voluptuous figure and squeeze underneath my chair. Naturally, this proved to be a difficult task.

When the doctor arrived and examined PL’s paws, even she was puzzled.

Don’t you love it when the doctor looks puzzled, too? You and doc are trading bewildered looks, as you sit thinking they should somehow know everything. After all, THEY are in the white, long jacket. Wearing a white, long jacket means you should never be puzzled. I don’t know. Perhaps I’m being slightly unreasonable.

By the time the guessing game was over and I got my bill for $95, I didn’t know who needed a stress-buster more – me or my heaving dog?

In any event, Penny Lane’s paws seem to be doing better. Fortunately for everyone, she can get back to her active lifestyle of lying around like a speedbump, leaving the room when my son insists on watching a Barney video, and alerting me when she wants a snack.

Thought For the Day: Appreciate your pets. Generally speaking, they worship you and love you the most. Don’t take that kind of love for granted.


Ashley said...

Aww, poor Penny Lane! Isn't it funny how bigger dogs are always the ones that are scared as opposed to smaller dogs? I think it's cute that she tried to squeeze under your chair! I hope her paws are better :)

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your posts Mere!! Now I'm even more convinced Penny Lane and Lucy are part human with their actions!! I love them very dearly!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVED the pic of poor, pitiful Penny trying to hide under that tiny chair! Too funny!! Hope she is doing better!!