Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Third Grade Diary. Life in 1990.

What you’re about to read is real. Learn what life was like for a third-grade girl in 1990, as documented in a brightly colored blue and yellow Hello Kitty-ish diary. I added some punctuation for readability purposes, but did not change the spelling. It seemed more authentic (and humorous) that way.

In case you haven’t read my author bio on my website, I should tell you that my love for writing developed at a rather early age. This is evidenced through my entries. Also, when I was nine years old, I felt it was paramount to disclose what food I ate, which was less about accountability (that would come later in life ;)) and more about good times. In my defense, popcorn on Fridays really WAS a big deal. Enjoy.

January 7, 1990
Today we went to school. It was boring, but after school we went to the snack bar (at Deaconess Hospital where my father worked at the time). For supper we had Kintukky chicken. I got blank paper so I can write storys.

? ?, 1990
Today I went to Gymnast-x and I had pizza 4 lunch. Mom went to the store and bot coke, chips, cookies (other things). I blew my nose. I got a new Easter dress and I watched [Rescue] 911 and T.V.

March 30, 1990
Today I had fun. I got a diet 7UP. I got to go to the park. It was neat. We watched the movie where Jesus would die on the cross. We went to church and hunted for Easter eggs.

There are more entries where those came from! Let me know if your experiences were similar to mine. I’d be interested to hear from you.

Thought for the day: What were you like as a child? Are those characteristics still a part of you? Some days, I still feel like I’m that little girl who did back-walkovers. Much less flexible, of course.

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Allison White said...

I am still a little girl at heart in many ways. I find myself thinking that my babies are just real now and they can finally love me back. I don't know how i got to be 30 because on the inside I feel like a wise 7 year old who just wants to have fun.