Sunday, November 16, 2014

Guess Where I'm Featured This Weekend?

I'm so thrilled to be featured this Saturday over at Must Love Junk -a WELL-LOVED blog that you should definitely be following!! Be sure to check out Saturday Spotlight!


I'm Meredith from The Laundry Can Wait, a lifestyle/design blog where I share my love of interior decorating, as well as my passion for my family, friends and for my home business. I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and I absolutely love it here. 

My style is ornate, French/European...elegant with rich colors. I'd have a house full of French chairs, big tassels and elaborate, golden frames if I could. But, most of what I buy is thrifted or purchased at antique stores or garage sales. :) Below are some of my favorite home photos.




Guest Room {most recent to past}:


Living Room:

I'm a wife of 9 years to Joey. Together, we've been blessed with two children - Grayson, 5, and Sutton, 3. Being a mother is the greatest gift the Lord has given me.
I'm a homeschooling mom, and I love it!! If you're thinking of homeschooling, you should go for it!!

I also run my own home business as a Distributor with It Works, author of the Skinny Wrap!! 

My goal is to work hard enough so I can retire my husband and buy 2 horses. 
{Me, this October with my favorite neighborhood horses, CoCoa and Arrow.} 

Another DREAM of mine is to buy a home where I have enough land to take in stray dogs. I want to save them all, because there are so many that need love. 
{Me, this summer with my old dogs, Penny Lane and Lucy.}

I'm a very down-to-earth girl who has sky-high dreams! 
I wrote a children's book in college, and my ultimate goal is to be published in Highlight's magazine. It's hard, y'all!! But writing is a passion of mine, and I won't stop until it happens!

My faith is very important to me, and I also love to laugh. 
 {Oh, Medea, how I love thee.}
And this is my college ID.
For real. 
Good times. :)

To see a full home tour, or to get to know me better, head over to my blog. I'd love to connect with you! You can also find me on Instragram now at @meredithlynngarrett. {I'm a "follow back" kind of girl, by the way.} 

Thank you so much for having me, Susan! It was such a "Yay! Moment" when you asked me to be featured. XOXO

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Tablescape {Don't Drink the Pinecones}

So I'm kind of cheating on Thanksgiving this year, as a few Christmas trees are already sprinkled throughout the house. Don't worry, I totally enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and have no plans to shop on Brown Thursday or whatever it's called now. 

And although I'm putting up the Christmas tree this week, my dining table is still all about Thanksgiving....

...even though I'm not cooking...

...or hosting. {Which is why I can place pinecones in the drinks.}

Really, it's just for me to admire. Because a mom needs one place in the house that looks clean, right??? 

Until next time, 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My "Why" - Unfiltered

Hi friends! Today I felt prompted to share with you why exactly I decided to become a Distributor with It Works Global. This is from the heart, and I'll hope you'll read until the end. 
Why am I on a personal crusade to succeed in my business? What propels me forward?
Because when I was 9 months pregnant with Sutton, Joey was essentially forced to resign from his job when he wouldn't go along with the dishonest standards by which the company operated. I was a stay-at-home-mom, so we lost all source of income, as well as our health insurance...and I was about to bring our second child into the world. NOW, I have something to fall back on.

Because I know what it's like to depend on food stamps. To sell my furniture on Craigslist just to have gas money. To have an unexpected bill go through and, subsequently, be the girl who puts groceries back, one at a time in the checkout line as people behind me watch impatiently.
Because I want to leave a legacy for my children's they won't have to share my aforementioned experiences.
Because when you watch your husband work an 80+ hour work week, be away from his precious children and tirelessly bear the burden of being the sole provider, you determine you WILL retire him or die trying. Because life is short and fragile, and no parent should have to miss watching their children grow.
Because I personally feel called to homeschool, and to braid Christ-centured values into my children's education. This requires generating income from the home, and not having the cost of childcare/schooling saturating a 9-5 paycheck.
Because, when you're introduced to a company that's founded on faith, and is UNASHAMED to say so, you take notice...because that doesn't happen very often. I understand what a PRIVILEGE it is to be part It Works, and I'm thankful for this company's generous spirit, compensation plan and bonuses.
Friends, I know what it's like to have too little, and I know what it's like to have more than enough. I know what it's like to be a working mom and a stay-at-home-mom. However, on the heels of uncertainty, my faith has remained constant. And now, as my own BOSS, I can use my business as a platform to glorify God through my finances, time and words.
I GET to share life-changing, healing products with people and watch their confidence return. I GET to rub elbows with THE most amazing, empowered women in Oklahoma.
I'm just a girl with big dreams - determined to keep my beautiful children by my side and my hardworking husband hand-in-hand while I work to bring him home.
This is not my hobby. This is my passion.
And now you know "why."
Join me or learn more at 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Master Bedroom Tour + 5 Key Tips

The crickets have been chirping WAY too long over here at The Laundry Can Wait, and I miss you. 

What better way to return than with a decorating post - featuring one of my favorite rooms.

I decorated my bedroom to feel like a hotel, believe it or not. 

As a SAHM, I never get away. So, I wanted to create the essence that I was getting away after all - being pampered with room service, continental breakfasts and such. 

Because a girl can dream, right??

So, welcome to my bedroom. Here are my 5 tips for pulling the look together. 

1. Add the illusion of windows. 
 Who said you can't put curtains on a wall with no windows?? Go for it!

2. Less is more. 

I maximized the space I had by displaying LESS. Adding a BUNCH doesn't always deliver a PUNCH. I liked understating the dresser by simply propping up a piece that I loved. 

3. Add a statement piece that lends glamour and draws in your focus. 
I found this VINTAGE sunburst mirror at a garage sale, with no intention of displaying it above my headboard. But I sampled it there and loved it! 

4. Choose longer curtain panels. 
Hanging drapery at a high level creates the illusion of a taller ceiling. 

5. Old is NEW again. 
Guess what? 
This is the SAME bed Joey had BEFORE we got married 9.5 years ago,
the SAME comforter we picked out for our first married Christmas, and the SAME dresser and side tables we purchased from Mathis Brothers with our GARAGE SALE money 8 years ago, too. 

Distressing or dressing up what you already have is budget-friendly and really CAN work. 

Thanks for visiting! 

Now hurry along so I can mess it back up and fold the laundry.
Because THIS time, the laundry CAN'T wait. ;)

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Monday, June 9, 2014

$40 Entryway Makeover

Have you ever thanked God for a good deal? that just me?

I recently went garage saling, and on my list of Things I Want was a new table for my entryway. 

Something poised and grand. Without the poised and grand price. 

On this particular day, I stopped at a sparse-looking sale. It didn't look promising. 

But as I approached the garage, I saw this beautiful wooden table...


My eyes almost fell out of my head and rolled down the driveway. 

It was marked down because of this crack. However, I knew my runner would cover it perfectly.

I handed the seller two twenties, and we loaded this beauty into my SUV. 

These pictures were taken with my phone - forgive the blurriness. 

That's my office - straight ahead: